Cutting Edge- The sharp week in our country inn

If it's all about the horseradish again in Franconian Switzerland, then stand the sharp weeks before the door. From beginning to end of October, many restaurant owners from the region develop their own menu, on the find at least three main dishes with horseradish. crane? So the sharp root is called in Franconia. For almost twenty years, there is the sharp week. Many residents restaurateurs have joined the culinary adventure weeks and present every October creative dishes with horseradish. No matter, if you then try Franconian classics like trout and Krenfleisch or fancy dishes like Schokoküchlein with spicy note and apple-horseradish sorbet - the local greenhouse will surprise you and your taste buds. In the restaurant you are spoiled for choice: At least three main dishes with horseradish offer the participating restaurants. Why the horseradish is celebrated especially in this holiday region so? Therefore! The Franconian Switzerland is one of the largest horseradish-growing regions in Germany. In the area around Baiersdorf, the according to legend, the origin of the horseradish cultivation since 15. century, sophisticated root has found the ideal conditions for healthy growth. The intensive care of Krenbauern does the rest. No wonder, to unfold after harvesting is an aromatic flavor, the search has no equal in vain. Discover our culinary specialties in our created specifically for the sharp week menu:

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